Cat Allergies

Siberians- the best breed for families with cat allergies!

Our family has cat allergies, yet, we have no symptoms living with our two siberians, and their kittens! While no breeds is 100% ‘hypoallergenic’ at this time, purebred siberians have ‘low allergen’ qualities making them a safer option for most people with allergies.

Siberian Cattery  NH

Tessa’s father ‘Stoli’,  Fel D1: very low

Our cattery has had tremendous success placing kittens in homes with mild allergies (watery/itchy eyes, sneezing). However, some people may have secondary allergies, making them unable to tolerate any breed. In our experience, they tend to be those with multiple animal allergies (horses and rabbits) and severe symptoms (breathing difficulty and hives). We do have friends who fall into that category, and are still able to visit our home since siberians seem to be less of a trigger than other breeds.

If you have allergies, we recommend you research the breed and consult with your physician to see if you are a good candidate. Then spend time playing and interacting with siberians to assess how well you tolerate the breed. Due to the demand, we only allow visits when kittens are available.


WARNING:  This breed has only been in the US since the early 1990s, as their popularity increases, scams have risen. Beware of breeders who sell large quantities of kittens, or have prices under $1000. This can be a red flag that their kittens may not be purebred siberians. (Just because a cat comes from Russian, does not guarantee it is a purebred. It could be any mixed breed that someone sold off the street to Americans.) Some of our customers came to us after loosing deposits for kittens they only saw online. We have also heard stories of people purchasing sick, unvaccinated kittens. Most states require a vet health certificate within days of transferring ownership. Reputable breeders know their cats lineage, and eagerly share photos and pedigrees. 


Links to more information on cat allergies:

Cats 101 – Episode featuring siberians as a top breed for allergies.

Siberian Research, Inc – This site has a wealth of information about cat allergies, including an overview of Fel D1 levels and tips for reducing allergic reactions.

Vanilla Sky Tamerlan

Vanilla Sky ‘Tamerlan’ Lundberg,
Fel D1: very low

Our Purebred ‘Low Allergen’ Bloodlines:

  • Queen Tessa came from Whites Farm. She is the daughter of  Angara Stolichnaya (Stoli) & Waterlilly Chessa. Mike White has been breeding siberians for 20+ years, she is one of the first in the US to specialize in selecting blood lines for their low allergen qualities: Whites Farm Siberians
  • Queen Rue is the daughter of Tessa & Vanilla Sky Tamerlan. Her father is co-owned by Liz Daisley and Tom Lundberg of Lundberg Siberians.  The Lundberg’s have been involved with the Siberian Research, Inc., helping to provide valuable research on the siberian’s health and low allergen qualities.
Whites Farm Siberians Tessa's mother Waterlilly Chessa & aunt Lilly.

Whites Farm Siberians
Tessa’s mother Waterlilly Chessa & Aunt Lilly.