Siberian Cat Links

Helpful Links:

How to trim cat’s nails: Nail Trim Video

Information about poisonous plants:

Feline Health Information: Cornell University Health Center

Keep cats from scratching furniture: Howdini video


New England Siberian links:

First kitten born in our cattery.

Email Address:


Youtube:  New England Siberian Video Channel


Other Breeders:

Tom Lundberg in Oregon:

Donna Evans & Danni Simon, Rumney NH:


Cat Allergy Information:

Great video featuring overview of siberian breed: Animal Planet: Cats 101

Research on cat allergies:

Cat Clubs- Siberian links:          

Low allergen

Female color point

TICA  The International Cat Associatio

CFA  Cat Fancier Association

Miscellaneous Resources:

Cat Channel

Cat Craze Directory

Cat lovers website: