Testimonies & Photos

SIberian Cat Personalities & Photos: Testimonials 

As breeders, we are often asked, “Is it hard to let the kittens go?” The answer is yes, of course!  However, we have met many wonderful people, and get to witness the happiness and joy our kittens bring to their lives. Because we specialize in hypoallergenic bloodlines, most of our customers have allergies that prevented them from owning animals. For example, one of our first kittens went to a 7 year old who wrote a letter to Santa asking, “Please make daddy not allergic to cats”.  Another went to a family, whose mother exclaimed, “I’m even more excited than my kids- I’ve waited 40 years to have a pet!”

“Moby is doing great!! He has the sweetest temperament…He snuggles the kids to bed every night…Miraculously, they now LOVE bedtime!”…  “He is truly the coolest cat, we all just LOVE him!! -E. R., Marblehead, MA


Belle- “She’s a great, adorable, loving cat. She’s a full member of the family. We love her!” – A. G., Rhode Island



“Just wanted to send you a picture of our not so little kitten any more and let you know that she is doing so well! Floof is the happiest of kittens loves to play and cuddle. We could not be happier! Hard to believe they are already one!”  –  Nora & Seth, Connecticut












“As promised please see attached photos of Elsa and Hercules.  They are now 1 year old and are terrific companions. They are playful, sociable, and well behaved. We just love them. They have been a wonderful addition to our family, thank you!”  –Best regards, John from Norton, MA





“I take Rosie for walks practically every day. She loves to be outside. Of course she is on a leash. She loves to sit on the back deck and guard the Condo. She is also quite the alarm clock. She has saved my son a few times when he has forgotten to set the alarm. She meows at him until he gets out of the bed…” “Rosie has quiet the personality. She loves to race around and growel! It’s the funniest thing.” -C.C., Connecticut