Siberian Breeder

Well Socialized Siberian Kittens:

newborn kitten, siberian

Our kittens are well socialized and handled by children.

To develop friendly, affectionate personalities young kittens must be held frequently between the ages of 3 weeks and 6 weeks. If not, they can become skittish or aggressive.  As soon as the kittens are old enough, our daughters and their friends enjoy handled and playing with them.  Because our kittens get a ton of attention at a young age, they grow into very loving, affectionate cats.

Our Cattery:

As a small breeder it is important to us that all our kittens go to loving homes.  Before placing kittens, we require all buyers to meet us and spend time playing with the kittens. Visiting a cattery is the best way to see if family members with allergies will react to siberians.  (Due to the demand, the only time we arrange the visits are when kittens are ready to be reserved).  We live on the New Hampshire seacoast, near the Mass Border.  You can reach us in less than an hour from Manchester, Concord, or Boston.

We can be reached via email at:

Why we started breeding siberians:


Kitten handling creates very affectionate siberians!

We adopted our first kitten from a shelter. But due to unexpected cat allergies, we had to send Oreo to live with a relative.  After much research, we discovered the low allergen Siberian breed. To our delight, ‘Tessa’ has been a wonderful addition to our family and has caused no allergy symptoms. We are very careful to mate her only with low allergen males.  Our goal is to give other families the same opportunity to enjoy these beautiful, intelligent cats!

Tessa was held alot and loves affection.

Tessa was held a lot as a kitten and grew into a super affectionate cat!