Videos of Siberians


Our kittens are brave!


2 lbs. Siberian kitten playing with 140 lbs. Giant Dog




7 week old siberians

7 week old siberians


Inside our NH cattery: 7 week old Black Mackerels




siberian cat

Rue with Newborns


Newborn Black Mackerels (with mother Rue)




Rue as a kitten


Rue playing with siblings at 5 weeks old

Rue & siblings at 7 weeks old




Tessa with first kitten!


Newborn Siberian Kitten (Tessa’s first kitten)




NH siberian cat breeder

Tessa: our first siberian


Tessa as a kitten: the best gift for an 11 year old!




Video of flame points playing (our Pumaridge Rose at awkward stage of 8 months old) with a 2 year old male.