Our Queens

siberian cat

Tessa & Molly

We carefully select our breeding pairs to produce purebred kittens, with low allergen bloodlines and wonderful temperaments. Our cattery includes two queens. To see pictures of their parents, visit our allergy page.

Queen Whites Tessa of Shea

Tessa, our foundational queen.

Tessa is now retired and filling the role of grandma and nursemaid helper.

Tessa was our first siberian and the ‘Premier Queen’ in our cattery. She still loves to follow our daughter around the house, and sleeps all night in her arms like a teddy bear. The only time she breaks this routine is when she is taking care of kittens. As soon as the kittens go to their new homes, she is back in Molly’s arms.

Tessa is a torbie, so her kittens came in a variety of colors. She is the mother of our black siberian, Shea Rue. Our video page has footage of her as a kitten and young mother.

Queen Shea Rue

Rue with younger siblings

Rue keeping an eye on her younger siblings.

This beautiful black siberian, Shea Rue, is the daughter of our Tessa and Vanilla Sky Tamerlan.  Her father is owned by Elizabeth Daisley and Tom Lundberg of Oregon.  She was born in our cattery (see picture of her with litter mates below). Like many siberians, Rue is an amazing jumper. She can leap straight up on to a counter top without any hesitation. She also has the siberian gift of speech, she can produce a wide range vocal sounds and chirping noises.

Tessa and Rue function as a ‘tag team’ when kittens arrive. They share mothering duties, and will actually take shifts watching them. When we open the nursery room door, one cat runs out and the other runs in.

Rue & her siblings loved to sleep in a pack. Her litter mates included a flame point, red, and torbie.

Rue & siblings. Her laid back personality meant she was usually on the bottom of the pile.


Tessa & Rue dote on kittens

Tessa & Rue dote on each other’s kittens.








Pumaridge Rose, our future Queen

Rose at age 14 weeks.

Rose, our flame-point queen, at age 14 weeks.

In December 2016, we added this beautiful flame point to our breeding program. She came to us from the Pumaridge Cattery in California. She is the niece of our Rue, and shares low allergen bloodlines. We have named her ‘Rose’ because she has just a hint of pink on her ears and paws.  Her fur is very white and super soft like cotton. Her eyes are an icy light blue. Rosie quickly charmed us with her constant purring and desire to be held.

The flame point gene is recessive in siberians, so females are rare.  Since our stud is also a flame point, we expect to have many fluffy white kittens in the future!  We anticipate Rose’s first litter in the fall of 2017.